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SL6ZY INTEL 2.50GHz 400MHz FSB 128KB Cache Processor


Can be used in a variety of mining rigs, depending on the chosen configuration and your current mining setup. Each product comes with a unique identification number and a warranty certificate. Our tech team has tested the item and guarantees its compatibility with the recommended hardware setup listed in the description.

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One of the best hardware options available to the mining community, this product is quiet and efficient. It’s a true powerhouse, offering excellent performance with a reasonable price tag and comparatively low power consumption. If you need a reliable option for your mining rig, look no further. Can be set up to mine a number of currencies (bitcoin, bitcoin gold, monero, etc.), although take care to configure it properly as different cryptocurrencies require different settings.

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24x12x10, 28x14x12, 32x16x14


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